LeBruin ESG Finance

LeBruin ESG Finance

The team in LeBruin are actively involved in sourcing ESG finance for clients in Ireland and the UK. Recognising the ever-changing landscape and the collective need to become more climate and environmentally aware, we have been actively involved in sourcing finance in forward thinking, climate friendly projects.

In recent times, LeBruin has sourced funding for a number of companies, with our most recent activity including:

  • €5 million funding secured for a solar panel business in Ireland.
  • €2.5 million funding for a coal manufacturing business transitioning to producing high grade biochar.
  • €8 million funding for the purchase of a wind farm in Ireland.
  • €1 million for the purchase of land for afforestation to generate carbon credits.

There is a growing need for sustainability-linked finance and LeBruin has developed a strong network of funding partners who can provide the necessary support and expertise to you and your company.

Our team works closely with each of our clients to understand their unique challenges and goals. We are committed to being a true partner, and we are dedicated to supporting the long-term success of the businesses we work with.

If you’re a business seeking funding to enhance your ESG credentials, we would be delighted to help on this journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your ESG funding goals.