Meet Your New Partners

LeBruin provides independent corporate finance services to a range of clients in Ireland and internationally.

Since 2008, we have been at the forefront in a range of sectors, consistently delivering for our clients throughout difficult market conditions.

LeBruin has secured funding for a wide range of projects in the Irish and European markets, from small residential developments through to major shopping centres and hotels.

Through Find A Funder, our Dublin and London office LeBruin can source equity or debt funding for commercial property transactions from €500k with NO upper limit in deal size.

We are also active in the ESG sector, and in recent times, we have provided finance to a number of Green projects; from afforestation, renewable energy to eco-friendly fuel alternative projects.

Our subsidiary company, Origin Capital, provides CRE loans secured on first charge basis from €500k upwards.

We use our expertise, experience and funding connections to deliver exceptional advisory services to our clients, whilst providing funders and investors with unparalleled access to the best opportunities in the Irish market.

“Commercial Funding Grounded in Common Sense”